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“Women are not raised to believe that having children is a choice”

— Lauren

“Am I allowed to pick my life? Do I have to justify it to you?” 

– Chanel

We have one of these mugs in our office! 

Why is there is so much judgment and stigma towards people without children? Why is our society so terrified by women who want to control their bodies and their lives? 

My name is Therese Shechter and I'm making a documentary about choosing not to have children in a culture where motherhood feels mandatory. This is the third film in my trilogy about women and identity, which includes I Was a Teenage Feminist and How To Lose Your Virginity

My So-Called Selfish Life will shine a light on the powerful cultural and historical forces behind the message that every woman's most important (and perhaps only) role is to reproduce. As a woman who made the decision to remain childfree, I am also walking this road–and I want to bring you along for this pivotal journey. Learn More →

“Not having kids is one of the only things you can be called selfish for...for something you do not want.”

— Anne


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