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“Women are not raised to believe that having children is a choice”

— Lauren


My name is Therese Shechter and I'm making a documentary about choosing not to have children in a culture where motherhood feels mandatory. We're currently shooting and fundraising.
This is the third film in a trilogy about women and identity, which includes I Was A Teenage Feminist and How To Lose Your Virginity
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“Am I allowed to pick my life?” 

– Chanel

We now have one of these mugs in our office! 

We now have one of these mugs in our office! 

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“Not having kids is one of the only things you can be called selfish for...for something you do not want.”

— Anne

Barbie's having a baby!!

Barbie's having a baby!!


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“You could list any number of achievements and someone will think you're not fully accomplished if you don't have a child.”

— blair