Gracie: "Even if I was healthy I still would not want children. I have never had the desire"

I'm 25 with many health issues, including a somewhat rare genetic disorder, hypogamagolemia which makes my immune system basically nonexistent. I used to be paramedic then became a nurse but I had to leave the medical field because of this issue. There is no cure, I find it morally wrong for me to have a child and pass this on. My lifespan is estimated to be shorter because of this disorder. I'm constantly ill.

Furthermore I just have never liked children, they make me uncomfortable and even when I was a kid I knew I never wanted to be a mother. I also have PTSD which I am still trying to handle and am on multiple medications for it, all these medications are known for causing birth defects. If I ever got pregnant I would have to get off my medications which I honestly do not believe I could last 9 months without it. I also have a syncope disorder, when I am ill I lose consciousness even more frequently, this would make for a high risk pregnancy.

Even if I was healthy I still would not want children, I have never had the desire to have them and would rather pursue career goals instead. I have absolute no patience with children and know that I would be a terrible mother. β€“ Gracie

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