Robin: "The female doctor tried to refer me to a psychiatrist when I asked to get my tubes tied"

At 30, I went to get my tubes tied before I lost my health insurance. No doctor would discuss the procedure with me while I was still in my 20's even though I always knew I wanted to be child-free and had already had three abortions (using birth control all three times).

The female doctor tried to refer me to a psychiatrist - I refused. I told her she could talk to my family, my shrink, my pediatrician, but that I was not delaying this procedure to get vetted by a stranger. It was really weird to have to argue and advocate for myself. I've never regretted it for a minute.

Two years ago I started dating a man with a daughter who was 10 at the time. I love her a lot and she is really fun, and I'm much more like an aunt than a mom, which is perfect. We have a great relationship. I'm more grateful than ever that I chose to not have my own kids (biological or adopted) –Robin

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