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Did you know the documentaries you see on PBS cost over $1 million…

You know those documentaries you see on PBS? They cost at least $1 million dollars to make–or more. We work on a much leaner scale, but that still means we need $100-150K to finish the film. Making a documentary is expensive, and we believe in paying our professional collaborators fairly for their skills and talents.

Your support is critical for us to complete My So-Called Selfish Life in 2019 because individual donations are currently our sole source of funding. Thanks to our 700+ supporters we raised over $50K in 2017, allowing us to spend 2018 shooting the film and starting our edit. We’ve also brought you 100+ Accomplished graphics and weekly #SelfishSelfie videos.

We are committed to telling your stories and creating meaningful social change through documentary film. Why not become part of our our fabulous community and get your name on our Supporters Page? You’ll help us get us to the finish line–and no amount is too small.

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Creating a compelling story through editing is a long but essential process in making a great documentary. Even at a non-profit rate, an editor's time and skills cost upwards of $2500/week, and a documentary edit can take at least 6 months to complete.

Travel and filming 

It would be easier and more economical to film everything in my Brooklyn neighborhood, but that that would not make for a very interesting or diverse film!  Your donation supports shoots with our far-flung and fascinating subjects in the US, UK, Israel and Canada through Spring 2019.

Thank you very much!
Therese & Team Selfish