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so-called Selfish Lives:

A series of Video Selfies about not having kids

We'll be using some of these in the film! Add your video selfie here!

Dr. Kimya Dennis studies childfree women of the African Diaspora and teaches at Salem College, 

Michelle Gotto wanted to be a mother till unsuccessful fertility treatments let her to an important realization. 

Emily Gonzalez really hated getting dolls as a little girl. She wanted to play Nintendo with her brother. 

Melanie Holmes wrote a book for her daughter to help her understand she had choices on how to live her life. 

Rasheda Williams is looking for sisterhood, and friends who won't throw judgement and stigma at her. 

Rhonny Dam worries about the impact of out-of-control populations growth on the planet. 


A series on parenthooD, shot in brooklyn,Β created by Trixie Films interns Becky Jewell and Adrien Lesser.Β 

"What do you think about women who choose not to have children?"

"Why do you want children?"

"How would your life be different if you didn't have children?"