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Since we can't film every interesting story ourselves, this is a way for you to contribute your own experiences to the My So-Called Selfish Life project. We want to share and spotlight the many diverse stories about the choice to have or not have children–including yours.

This project is still in BETA. Want to be one of our BETA TESTERS?


1. Shoot up to a 30-second video of yourself on your phone in *horizontal* format. Or have a friend do it. Keep it fun and casual. Just make sure there is enough light on your face. 

2. Introduce yourself with any details you want to share (location, age, job, background).

3. Here are some suggestions for things you might want to talk about:
• When I first knew I didn't want to have children, or when I made peace with not having them
• How others reacted to my decision and how I responded
• How my ethnic, religious, economic, etc, background affected my experience of not having children
• I don't regret my choice about kids, but I do regret [fill in the blank]

4. Fill out the submission form and upload your video!



Submission Form:

Fill out this form below and then upload your video to our private folder.

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Don't forget to upload your video to our private folder once you have submitted the form.

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