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Each Friday, we post a new audience-submitted #SelfishSelfie to social media and this website. Scroll down for instructions on how to submit your own. See all the posted videos here.

Want to be part of the My So-Called Selfish Life project? Since I can't be everywhere with our camera, I’m inviting all of you to share your stories about not having children (all genders welcome). The #selfishselfies we collect will be posted online, and may also be used as part of our upcoming documentary! Thanks from Therese & Team Selfish.


1. Film a 60 second video of yourself on your phone in *horizontal* format. Get shooting tips below for the best submissions.

2. Introduce yourself (location, age, job, background, whatever you want to share).

3. Tell us about your experience of not having kids, by choice or circumstance. See our suggestions below if you want inspiration.

4. Fill out and submit the submission form. If more than one person appears in the video, each person must fill out their own submission form.

5. Upload your video at the link below!

Shooting tips!
• use the horizontal orientation
• Keep it fun and casual
• Make sure there is enough light on your face
• make sure it's in focus
• Look directly at the camera

Need suggestions? 
• How you knew didn't want to have children, or made peace with not having them
• A specific event that happened to you connected to not having kids
• Seeking or getting permanent sterilization
• How others reacted to your decision and how you responded
• How your cultural/ethnic background affects your decision

Submission Form:

Fill out and submit this form and then upload your video to our private folder. Trixie Films will use the information you provide only for the purposes of this project and to keep you updated on our work.

My Legal Name *
My Legal Name
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My Address
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Please share your Instagram, Twiitter and/or Facebook name if you'd like to be tagged when we post the video.
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Don't forget to upload your video to our private folder once you have submitted the form. Questions? Email us!